An Earnest Discussion

Sometimes an expression is perfectly captured.

This is Siddy.

I’m thinking of having him renamed ‘Earnest’.

siddy close up


A Sunny Winter Day in Dunedin, New Zealand

Winter is here!

In Dunedin we are experiencing a rather cold one.  We have had sleet, snow, ice, rain and wind. It has been bitterly cold with temperatures of minus ten degrees and we are just not used to that.  But it does make for excellent phatic communion with everyone I meet in my day!

In among all the terrible and gloomy cold days, there have been some absolute gifts of days where the sun has given some warmth and the world has seemed golden in its rays.

On one such day I was able to enjoy being out and about with my camera and ventured to the Dunedin Botanic Garden and Signal Hill where I happily captured these moments of winter.

These twisted branches are the original Rhododendrons planted in the Botanic Garden

ancient rhodi

rhodi 1


The Boardwalk in the Native Collection

sunny glow 2


sunny glow 1

fern and light


From Signal Hill looking over the Inner Harbour to the Southern Pacific Ocean  My mother’s house is down there!

outlook vista

Thanks for coming by I hope you saw the magic too!


Treasures of an art room

As many of you are aware my mother is an artist and crafter and she has a room where she creates.  This room is a treasure chest full of sparkly, blingy, colourful things which the child (or is it the magpie) in me cannot resist.

On this sunny autumn day when the rays streamed into the room and caught the crystals and beads I knew I had to capture and share these images, just for you out there who love the sparkles too!













Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoyed the sparkle too!


Queenstown and Wanaka

One of my favorite places in the world is Queenstown, New Zealand.

A month after getting my camera I had an opportunity to go there for a weekend.  “Excellent” I thought, “the best place in the world to take that great shot”.

Unfortunately, upon arrival, the weather was ‘bleugh’, the skies were grey and it was starting to snow.

Not to be deterred I set off on a walk around Lake Wakatipu to find that bit of magic.

It wasn’t what I expected – but it was more exquisite than anticipated as Tui’s sang and played in a Kowhai tree.  I got this shot of one of them:IMG_1138


You can click on the photo to get a bigger image.

I headed back to town and on the way I sat down in a garden area near the lake where the ducks came and said hello.  One fellow appeared to be expecting something……..



The next day the weather was much better and I headed to Wanaka.

And wow, what a day Wanaka turned on for me!




Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoyed a bit of the magic too.