I have started this blog as a real time journal for my fairly new passion of photography.

About a year ago I brought a decent digital camera.  The reason I did this was because I wanted to pay more attention to the world around me.  I had noted that it was rare for me to look up, or around and truly see the world and appreciate it.

One night I was driving home from my late shift, it must have been about 12:30  when I looked at the road in front of me and saw it, really saw it.  The street lights lit the scene, all the traffic lights were green, the trees were in full leaf and a slight summer mist veiled everything.   As I looked down the straight, deserted road full of colour and life I was struck at how beautiful it was.

That which I would usually have missed was made obvious to me on this night and all I knew was how great I felt by being so present and witnessing the beauty of the moment… I wished I had a camera.

From that night I have played around with taking photos and this blog is my attempt to be more dedicated to it.  To look for and find the magic and the beauty in each moment and to appreciate it and maybe capture it.

Danella Joy

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  1. Hello Danella,
    I’m excited for this new journey of yours!
    One of the comments that I love seeing the most is when someone says “I never would have seen what you just photographed”.
    You are exactly right … it is too easy to walk right by things and miss so much.
    I look forward to following your journey!

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    • Thank you so much – of course you understand and I’m glad I’m making sense 😉 I’m still learning about my camera and how it works, so this is really a chance for me to learn and develop more.

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  2. I love those moments of mindfulness. They’re extrarodinary. Good for you for opening your eyes and seeing the world differently. That must have been amazing for you.

    I find I ‘see’ so much more of my garden when looking through the camera. It hones in on a detail that I might have otherwise missed. I’ve learned from that too. I didn’t know, for instance, that bees stop buzzing when they land in the center of a flower, then buzz again as they depart. They buzz, stop, buzz stop. It seems like such a simple thing, but I would not have bared witness to that without my camera.

    Wishing you great joy on your journey.

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  3. I stopped by again to thank you for following my blog. I so agree with Alys about the camera helping us to be more mindful. Whatever it takes to make us aware of the wonders around us is a good thing. The blog also made me look at how others might see things or what they might like to see. I look at everything more intensely these days. With more awareness. Happy weekend to you and Pauline.

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  4. Hi Daniella, popping over from your mom’s page to say Welcome and Congratulations. You’ve explained the beginning of your passion so well. It must have been quite an awakening in that moment. I follow other photographers will hopes of inspiration, but mostly I just enjoying seeing their world as they see it thru the lens. So I think you’ve named your blog brilliantly. I loved all the colour in your current post and of course the crystals reminded me of Pauline who we all love dearly. So happy you’re here too. Thanks for sharing, I know you’ll have fun, cheers Kelly


    • Oh wow, thank you for the warm welcome!
      Pauline convinced me to start my own blog to share my photos… but I think she is a little bias when it comes to how good they are. Receiving your feedback and comments is truly appreciated by this amateur blogger and photographer. 🙂

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  5. Just one bit of advice. Don’t let the camera be your only way of enjoying your surroundings. Sometimes it’s good just to be present. That’s not my advice- I’m not sure i really believe it. It comes from my wife, who is not a photographer but has an incredible eye. Me, I appreciate it even more through the camera. 🙂


    • Ha! It is a good point to make. I have reminded myself of that on a few occasions already. When I’m so busy trying to get the “right” shot I can forget to just breath and look. But I’d say more often than not having my camera makes me fully present.

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