Thinking about it

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This blog is a bit of a sojourn from the norm as it is not about photography at all!

I feel I need to  write this and put it out into the world for reasons that hopefully become apparent.

I’m 44 years old and I think about living my life every day.

I’m pretty good at thinking about it.  I think about things I would like to do.  I think about how it would be nice to look after myself.  I think about plans I can make for tomorrow.  I think about living my life a lot.

I am now thinking about how much I think about it.  I think I think too much and I think I am wasting my life – my beautiful, cherished, fortunate life.

I think it is time to stop thinking and start doing.  (Just a thought).

I am 44 years old and although I have good health, I am not healthy.  I am overweight by a good 10 -15 kgs.  (I’m not too sure as standing on the scales is not a nice thought).

I know all about how to be healthy.  I know that to cut sugar, wheat, processed and refined foods from the diet is good.  I know exercising, drinking water, sleep and laughter is good too.

I know this.

I do this – Drink copious amounts of wine, eat chippies and fast food regularly, sit at home and work on the computer, sleep poorly and frown about it all.

If only I could bring my knowledge into being!

Well I thought about it and I’m the type of girl who loves a challenge and I finally figured out that I need to challenge myself.  I’m writing this blog as part of that challenge to myself so that you out there in blog land can be my witness. – it’s easy to pass/give up a challenge nobody else knows about.

I seem to have had this epiphany at Easter which is apt for new beginnings – I’m also a girl who likes to see inspirational signs when a decision is being made. 🙂

As it turns out I am having a temporary change in my work schedule for a period of 6 – 8 weeks, or perhaps more.  During this time I will be coming off shift work and be in a steady 8 -4 Monday – Friday role.

Ah!  Routine!  Surely with this I can make some headway into taking care of myself.  Evening walks, regular meals and sleep.  It almost sounds mystical to me!

However this is not solely a “weight loss” challenge, this is about being active in my well-being.  This is about getting out of my head, off my butt and being more present in the world and my life.

I believe that when one takes a step in the right direction things move, happen and change in ways unthought of.

Wish me luck – Lets see what I can do!

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37 thoughts on “Thinking about it

  1. Hi Danella, I’m lifting my cap off to you and shouting out, “kudos to you” for giving yourself this challenge, putting it in writing, and reaching out to us to be your witnesses. Thank you for your trust in us as you set out on this mindful journey of taking care of all aspects of you. I send you my support from afar and if your confidence falters, just remember you’ve decided to give this challenge your best shot and sometimes your best is 100% and at other times, it is 75%. I always say, “When I do my best, my best will get better”. Have a great week, Danella!

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  2. Good job Danella. Putting it out there for us is the first right step. Try meditation to get out of yourself and quiet your brain. It can be done sitting still, walking, practicing yoga and breath or Tai Chi and breath. When life has too much zing around here 15 minutes of Tai Chi snap me back to feeling grounded. Start slowly eating live fruits, and vegetables. Dabble with drinks made from wheatgrass and other natural items. See what works. A smoothie I particularly like calls for all organic strawberries, bananas, pineapple, coconut water. Into the blender for a few seconds and you have a great pick-me-up drink. I’ve noticed a huge change in the way I feel physically, emotionally, and mentally when I am eating all kinds of organic salads from my garden and making fruits from our trees into desserts. I really mean eating this way changes my life. When I went through breast cancer 3 years ago I was one ill person with all the treatment. This whole way I eat now is what I learned during treatment to help me get through the various phases and providing the body what it needs naturally before they had to give me a drug to counteract the other drug. My body couldn’t stand all the drugs. But I got through with all my blood work staying within the good range so I didn’t have to take drugs to counter act drugs. It really makes me feel good. I hope you stay with it.

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    • Thank you for sharing your knowledge! I agree that eating real food will be the best thing for my physical well-being. Walking is something I truly enjoy but don’t do enough of.
      It never ceases to amaze me when I hear peoples stories about turning their health/life around that it seems to be about simplifying and going back to basics.
      So wonderful that you have brought yourself back into good health! Truly inspirational. 🙂

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  3. You sound very ready for this! That is definitely step one, and telling us about it is step two. You should probably plan on reporting back to us regularly, too–it might motivate you. We could all give you lots more advice (been there, done this!) but I’d just remind you to be kind to yourself. This won’t be easy and you will have not-so-good days–don’t beat yourself up too much when that happens. Acknowledge it, and get back on track!

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  4. Oh, dear heart, I hear your pain. We are all struggling with this in one form or other. We take one step forward and two back. Reaching out is hard. I’ve tried dozens of times to get a handle on this monster that rules me. My thinking is scattered and so are my activities. A regular routine might help me as will as you. Working shift work is hard on the body unless you are built like my children who abhor mornings. My son, 48 and living with me while he starts his life over, is a night owl. I’m a morning person. There is a lot of tiptoeing around here. It’s just hard but I’ll hang in there with you as you find your way and rope in your thoughts. Writing is the best way to do it. I rarely ever say much about it on my blog. Maybe that would be the trick. Please keep us updated. And motivated. 🙂 Hugs,

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    • Dear Marlene, Thank you for your warm and supportive thoughts.
      I had originally written this post as an entry in my journal but then desired to tell the world! I feel quite passionate about this which in itself is a delicious feeling!
      I know it will be difficult and I will slip, falter maybe even fall… But I will hoist myself up and continue on.
      The realization that the time has come is spurring me on.
      Of course I am saying all of this now.. at the start… Next week I may feel completely different,
      I hope not.
      Sending you love and hugs. 🙂

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  5. Sometimes you get a sign and it seems you’ve had one. The only way to get out of your head is, indeed, to do things–you know what those things are. keep it pleasurable and you’ll be able to make changes more easily. And plough forward again if there’s a step back. It’s all process and persistence. And there’s often a bit of joy to be had in it.

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  6. I’m happy for you, Danella. I feel a sea-change heading your way. You’ve received wonderful support and advice already. What an amazing community we have. One bit of advice I had about breaking “bad” habits is instead to “trade up” to a good one. Instead of drinking a glass of wine, for instance, bring out the wine glass and drink Kombucha instead. It sparkles, and it’s fermented,but it’s also loaded with probiotics and other goodness. We have a brand here that is only 2 g of sugar per serving. The sleep cycle will be easier with your next eight-week schedule so this is the perfect time to start. I wish you great success on your journey. I too struggle with sugar. I have to constantly recommit and recommit. It’s like a drug. Please check in, good days and bad. It’s all part of the process. We’re here to support you.


    • Thank you Alys.
      I have decided to go about it with the “slow and steady will win the race” attitude.
      The “trade up” advice is a good one. I’m going to steadily remove the old habits and introduce good ones. I have failed to often by going at it like a bull out of a gate.
      Maintaining the positiveness I have for this change is vital to my success.
      Thank you for the support, I do appreciate it. 🙂


    • Thank you!
      I started my temporary new job today…. I’m exhausted!!! Lol.
      But the new role is a very good start for the all round change….. Just can’t quite find the energy for the planned evening walk at present… (sigh)


  7. Danella, it always comes down to your own frame of mind on everything. When the time is right for you, you will make that change. I had a very traumatic break-up with a woman ten years ago and for the two years before I met Lynn, I became pretty much a couch potato- no hiking, no exercise of any kind, just work, home, and food. And sleeping way too much. To escape, no doubt. Lynn says that when we met and started dating, she worried about me on Sundays when I would be like a zombie around the house. Then I got interested in photography once again. Then exercising, and now hiking again. I do think it was Lynn who finally got me off the couch and back to living. So, of course I had to marry her. I don’t know your circumstances at all but don’t wait for someone else to give you the incentive to live again. Do it for yourself. I was not strong enough, or maybe it just wasn’t the right time for me. Anyway, good luck!


    • Thank you for your considered thoughts and shared experience.
      I do feel like I’m in a bit of a rut and trying to find a new way to be. I’m still positive about the change and slowly I’m making small adjustments to my life … which are pleasing me greatly!
      Onwards and upwards, as they say. 🙂


  8. Change is always a challenge, but determination can lead the way. You can do it. On the walking side, I hope you have places for enjoyable walking without driving somewhere. Good luck!

    PS … I see we have some common friends.

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