Stan came into my life via the SPCA Animal Rescue Centre ten years ago.

I went there to find a dog to adopt.  Instead I found Stan.  A huge grey and white cat of indeterminate age and a whole lot of attitude.   He pretty much was a dog.

Stan and snow

Through ten tumultuous years, Stan has been a constant for me, always there, always loyal, always bolshie as all heck and always a roaring purr at cuddle time.

me and stan

He was an outside boy until recent times, he would roam and hunt or just lie in the sun – wherever it happened to be that we called home.

But he adored his creature comforts.IMG_0133

Stan was big, bold and beautiful


This is my small tribute to a magnificent friend, for today I said goodbye to him ……..

RIP Stanley King – AKA Quite Possibly the Best Cat in the Entire World.



22 thoughts on “Stan

  1. Danela, your photos accompany your words beautifully. While I love the one of him sitting up straight in the chair, the last one shows his personality.
    So very sorry for the loss of Stan.

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  2. I am so sorry Stan is gone. I don’t want to even think about losing one of our boys but Bezial is starting to get a bit tottery and grey in the muzzle and it’s inevitable. I think pets walk into our lives to teach us so much about ourselves. We can’t help but love them on a deeper and more fundamental plane than we manage with other humans. They see right through the crap and they love us for “us”. Stan was your mate. I am really sorry he is gone :(. Thank you for following my blog by the way. I came over to say that but had to commiserate about Stan. I know how much you love/d him. Your mum told me 😦


  3. Oh my dear, gentle hugs for losing sweet Stan. He was positively gorgeous. I’m really sorry to hear it was time to say goodbye, it’s always too soon. Lucky for you to have each other for 10 years and he to have caught your eye that day. I hope you’ll find comfort in all the beautiful things you loved about your little companion. Take Care xo K

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  4. I’m so sorry for the loss of Stan, such a beautiful cat. It is always so painful loosing a pet. Hold tight to the memories of Stan for comfort.


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