Stan came into my life via the SPCA Animal Rescue Centre ten years ago.

I went there to find a dog to adopt.  Instead I found Stan.  A huge grey and white cat of indeterminate age and a whole lot of attitude.   He pretty much was a dog.

Stan and snow

Through ten tumultuous years, Stan has been a constant for me, always there, always loyal, always bolshie as all heck and always a roaring purr at cuddle time.

me and stan

He was an outside boy until recent times, he would roam and hunt or just lie in the sun – wherever it happened to be that we called home.

But he adored his creature comforts.IMG_0133

Stan was big, bold and beautiful


This is my small tribute to a magnificent friend, for today I said goodbye to him ……..

RIP Stanley King – AKA Quite Possibly the Best Cat in the Entire World.