The Waves of Saint Clair

On a sunny midwinter Sunday down at St Clair Esplanade, Dunedin, New Zealand.waves5




12 thoughts on “The Waves of Saint Clair

    • It was a particularly impressive high tide that we had…. they seem to be getting more frequent though. The sand has vanished from the beach a little further along from the esplanade. But that’s ok, because our council trucks it back from a beach around the corner!!!


  1. Wow! Those waves are incredible, Danella. I’d have loved to have been there with you. I assure you that I would have been laughing and squealing with joy


  2. Lovely photos and so much fun for me. Thanks, Danella. I’ve always loved big waves, even when I know they can cause damage . . . and the wind is so wonderful, too!


  3. wow, I bet all that splashing and crashing into the wall is loud. Looked pretty blustery! But then again, if every single day was fantastic and sunny, you’d probably not feel the same about them. It’s the whole, “absence makes the heart…..yadda yadda”. On the ‘not so sunny’ days here, I busy mayself with an art project, so it all works out in the end 😀 x B


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