Moments on the Beach

I hope the title of this post says it all…….

P on the beach boost

Pauline and Siddy 1 boost

Pauline in solitude 8-05-2015 12-12-16 p.m.

I saw a peaceful bliss …… how about you?

23 thoughts on “Moments on the Beach

  1. Siddy just goes to prove that peaceful doesn’t necessarily mean still, doesn’t he? I love those photos of your lovely Mum – I’ll be sure to show them to my own Mum, who had a memorable Skype conversation with her once and hasn’t forgotten . . .

    I love the sea and beaches and have lived very far from both for some years now; thanks for the gorgeous images that bring me back in time to my own beach moments. ~ Linne


  2. I’m way over here waving Pauline and Siddy xo Sigh, wish I could join you all on that beach Danella. I really love the first photo. All that rock and I see is softness and love. Such dichotomy in photo’s makes them really interesting. Great job!

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