Treasures of an art room

As many of you are aware my mother is an artist and crafter and she has a room where she creates.  This room is a treasure chest full of sparkly, blingy, colourful things which the child (or is it the magpie) in me cannot resist.

On this sunny autumn day when the rays streamed into the room and caught the crystals and beads I knew I had to capture and share these images, just for you out there who love the sparkles too!













Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoyed the sparkle too!



26 thoughts on “Treasures of an art room

  1. Love the pencils, too; lucky they are out of my reach . . . but my favourite is the last one; at first I thought you had combined the crystals with a unique variety of feather – they look like jewellery to me; just stunning! ~ Linne


  2. I do, I do love all the sparkle…LOL. I saw a plaque at a home decor store a bit ago that said something like, “she was born with glitter in her veins”. Ha! That’d be me. I don’t decor my home all glittery but I love it in my projects. At work, it’s become a bit of a signature. Fancy that, little ol’ me has a ‘signature’. Well it’s good to be known for something, LOL

    I especially love the coloured pencils photograph. I recently got a Minc Machine. It adds foil to paper. The pencils remind me of all the beautiful colours of foil piled up in my Boom-room (that’s what I call my craft room…hehe). But see, I would never think of photographing my pile. That’s what I love about photographers sharing their work, it makes me look at things differently. Looking forward to all that is to come Daniella 😀 Cheers x K


    • Hello K, Woohoo, so glad you love the sparkle too!
      The colour pencils do seem to be hit which is funny as I wasn’t sure about including them. Just goes to show you can never be too sure about what is liked and what is not. Excellent learning for me.
      I love the name of your craft room, I immediately get a picture of a room filled with all kinds of high impact colours and textures just waiting in anticipation to be joined together…… and then BOOM! there it is ..the stunning creation!

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    • Ah yes! those pencils have been adored by many….. And were almost left out of the post…. So pleased I included them as all the comments about them have made me look at the photo closer and see what I initially missed.
      I also find myself staring at the actual pencils in the art room with a renewed interest!!


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